Ebony & Ivory Candle Co.

Apple Cider 16oz

  • We always say that Apple Cider is your staple. It's 'the one' that you always must have on hand; to welcome company, to warm your soul, to bring that mouth watering crisp apple to your senses. 

    Spend your days being cozy, crisp & spicy with this year round favourite! 


    Each Ebony & Ivory candle is a unique scent created for fragrancing the home. The candles are hand crafted in Canada using phthalate free fragrance oils, 100% soy wax and crackling wood wicks. 

    For a better burning experience trim your wood wick before each burn by gently tapping off any excess charcoal bits from the wick. 

    8 oz Candles - 40-50 hour approximate burn time.



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